Transformative experiences

Let’s share them, and inspire the world with something ground-breaking.

Maybe it all comes down to experience design

We (the humans) don’t so much want more things anymore, more stuff. We want experiences, don’t we?

On our deathbeds, will we cherish our collectibles, or will we remember the adventures we had and wonder about the ones we didn’t?

My firm belief is that everyone is creative. Many people don’t seem to know that, but that’s okay. We all find ourselves in situations that we co-create, and we’re all basically improvising all the time. So what if we could be more intentional about it?

We can, and when we make this our habit, it can be delightful.


Creative leadership sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Act naturally. Military intelligence. An open secret.

In fact, maybe it requires that you be one part intuitive and two parts warrior. Not mystical or combative, just tuned in and ready to fight for something simple, for inspiration.

Leaving behind the humdrum routine we all sometimes face for a moment can be a simple matter of reframing what’s already there. Wonder, after all, is all around us, but sometimes spontaneity has to be engineered.

And then there’s leadership of creative people themselves. Again, they want to know that you get what they’re about, and that you’ll stay true to bringing out their best work. That’s why we creatives show up in the first place.

If you’re struggling with any of this maybe I can help you.


Connection creates synergy, which in turn brings inspiration and wonder.

Making connections is at the heart of creativity, and some of us (me included) have trained our minds to do it almost as a force of habit.

Look, ideas are a dime a dozen, yet you put an idea-generator in a creative meeting and you may find some of the most off-the-wall ideas become the ones that stick.


I started wearing glasses when I was in kindergarten.

All I know is, I personally have little interest in re-solving the same problems that have been solved, and then remade, over and over again. This made me a terrible calculus student.

We can’t always break new ground; heck, sometimes the tried and solution is the right one. But with some intuition—and really this means the ability to gather and syntesize information from all of our senses—we can sail with the wind, not against it, and travel in a breeze.

Doesn’t that sound like more fun, after all?