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Nurture (don’t coddle) an innovative team.

It may be that your company is established and looking to grow or acquire new products or services. Whether the approach is internal development or external acquisition, I can help you to create a structure that will help to ensure successful results from that team.

It might seem weird, but highly talented people can seem almost allergic to work environments that, from the outside at least, might seem identical to those in which they’ve done their best work. What is missing? Why must acquisition be directly connected with a sense of dread, that the best days may be in the past, despite apparent added benefits?

Creative people are not as fragile as they may seem, but the circumstances that allow them to thrive can appear highly ephemeral. They often come down to factors that escape the view of otherwise successful managers at an organization of any size (but particularly the big ones).

No doubt you are familiar with the “innovator’s dilemma” for successful companies, as articulated by Clayton Christensen (no relation!). But it’s not just customer needs that hamper innovation; nowadays companies are even willing to compete with their own most successful products, if only these initiatives could gain any traction. However, elementary principles that are known to be crucial to projects at creative-driven companies are too easily overlooked or overturned by managers with the best of intentions.

If you know that your company would benefit from a clear and well-articulated strategy, or even if you see more fundamental errors that subject creative initiatives to a “death by a thousand cuts,” I can work with your company to create circumstances under which a satellite team or project can succeed with the agility of a small startup.

Discovery + Strategy

Expand your horizons

Too many projects have shortcomings that become all too apparent when it it most expensive to fix them—specifically, when they are already in production. The tool that can save you more time and money than any other is a pencil, provided it finds its way to the hands of someone who knows how to take imaginative leaps in unforeseen directions.

Product Strategy

Don’t move forward until you find a solution that will delight the people who will come to rely on it. And who are those people? Too often, projects move forward without the core components that made us excited to be in this business in the first place.

If it’s too late for that, I can also help problem solve with an acute sensitivity to deadlines.

What’s next?

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