For over a decade I was an integral part of writing for (and about) Adobe’s most complex commercial software. Sometimes I love nothing more than to elucidate a principle that is otherwise elusive.

Sometimes writing means editing words. Sometimes it takes layout, formatting. Yes, I do these.

Sometimes it’s necessary to communicate with images and designs, even animations. Bingo.



If you’re into film and video you might look at my IMDB page and see that I have specialized as a feature film compositor, and focused on visual effects.

The bigger picture, if you want to know about me, is that I’ve tended to thrive on diversity bordering on eclecticism. At LucasArts, where I started, I became steeped in interactive software design. This paid off repeatedly, including when I started my own company to make an iPad app (we raised $300k for that in a Kickstarter).

These days I’m very interested in breaking the fourth wall, in designs and experiences to which people can respond directly, in person.

Creative Consulting


If you need a connector, or someone to manage a team, those are things I’ve done with a good deal of success.

If you want to get the best out of creative people you’ve hired as collaborators, I can help you with that.

If you just need someone with deep experience in a number of different areas, able to communicate and brainstorm on live events, animations, user experience designs, scripts, design elements, projected environments, augmented reality… by all means let’s get acquainted, why not?

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